i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings

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You have the perfect chance to put a man/man relationship in your show and you’re not doing like smh

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10 Steps to Self Care


1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it.

2. Say “exactly” what you mean.

3. Don’t be a people pleaser.

4. Trust your instincts.

5. Never speak badly about yourself.

6. Never give up on your dreams.

7. Don’t be afraid to say “no”.

8. Don’t be afraid to say “yes”.

9. Resist the need to always have control.

10. Stay away from drama and negativity – as much as possible.

Source: Lessons Learned in Life

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☄ Picture of you
♥ Name of crush
☯ Religion
✉ State of origin
♬ Favorite song/s
♪ Favorite band
☑ Full name
Ω Favorite Book
♘ Favorite Animal
✞ Are you religious
☥ Cats or dogs
☝ Dominant hand
♨ Ocean or Lake
♉ Star Sign
♧ Eye color
✌ Favorite character
✏ Writer or reader
☪ Hair color
♂ Gender
✈ Last vacation
☍ Silver or gold

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me daily
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Send me a cup of coffee.

Espresso: Describe your usual morning routine.

Decaf: Impersonate one of your friends.

Macchiato: Name two things you think go well together and why.

Latte: List three aspects of your personality that you love.

Flat White: Confess the most recent crime you committed.

Iced: Make the weirdest face you can.

Cappuccino: Describe your ideal wedding.

Drip: Post a photo of a stuffed animal you own.

Mocha: Name one of your guilty pleasures.

Doppio: List two of your dream travel locations and why.

Black: Recall the worst insult you've ever received.

Americano: Post a photo of your favorite outfit.

Kopi: Describe an incident when you tried something new.

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What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?



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Anonymous asked;
Wow, what's it like living in Canada?
factsofcanada replied;

It’s cold, there’s snow all the time, all 12 months. We use huskies and moose for transportation still, and polar bears and beavers are common pets.

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Anonymous asked;
People with the names Ethan, Kaylee, and Kathleen!

Thank you!!!

Ethan- I know one Ethan, my English teacher last year called him Little Duck and whenever he called on him, he’d play the mighty ducks song and started chanting Little Duck. I never talked to Ethan but he’d always look embarrassed if you called him that, he seemed nice though.

Kaylee- I don’t think I’ve met a Kaylee?? Maybe during middle school I think? She was popular and I never talked to her because of it lmao.

Kathleen- I know one Kathleen and were mutuals on here and on Instagram and she’s super nice and very sweet from what I see from her posts!! We have a lot in common from movies/shows, music, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had the same hobbies tbh haha. Me and the lost babes wanted to meet with her at Disneyland but she was busy :^((( she’s rad though, so maybe one day!

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Anonymous asked;
what about the name ashley?

I know quite a few Ashley’s!!
One is very smart and she’s really into horses I haven’t talked to her in years though, the other one I call Sunchild because she has this really pretty strawberry blonde hair and she’s super nice, and the last one is kind of a dork, I never knew her well because I only talked to her for a few weeks before she left school but she was hilarious.

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wayfaringpunk asked;
Marry, Fuck, Kiss, Cuddle, Get Drunk: Jensen, Jared, Anton, Joel, Starlord

Thank you!!

Fuck: Jensen, oh man.
Marry: Anton he’s v sweet.
Kiss: Joel, cuuuutie.
Cuddle: Jared, he’s like a teddy lmao
Get drunk with: Star-Lord, he seems loads of fun tbh

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